Armani Releases A Limited-Edition Sumptuous Chocolate Collection To Mark Ramadan

Emma Hodgson   |   12-02-2024

Armani/Dolci has released a limited-edition chocolate collection to mark the Holy Month this year. 

The exquisite chocolates were crafted by renowned Italian chocolatier Guido Gobino and is the perfect gift to give to loved ones to enjoy during Iftar throughout Ramadan. 

In honour of the Holy Month, the box is themed around the moon, which features on the beautifully decorated packaging.  

The dedicated, limited edition pralines feature white chocolate with pecan crunch, and some decorated with small fondant dot detailing, or the letter “A” as a nod to the house, and come in boxes of 16, 36 or 64, together with a selection of classic-filled chocolates in various flavours.

The collection is already available in the Armani/Dolci boutique in Dubai as well as internationally in both Milan and Tokyo and online at