A New Exhibition Of Work By Mohannad Orabi Launches At Urbanist Art Gallery Dubai

Emma Hodgson   |   25-11-2023

Mohannad Orabi’s fascinating collage art is set to launch at Urbanist Art Gallery with a show titled “Coloured Shadows” today, 25th November.

The Syrian artist is considered a postwar and contemporary painter, and has worked in the industry for more than two decades, following his graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2000, he went on to win the National Young Syrian Artists’ Exhibition in 2006 and over the years has won several other accolades. 

Many of his key works focus on childhood and childhood development. Discussing the inspiration behind the pieces in the new exhibition, Mohannad Orabi said: “Our dark reality and our heavy shadows and the shades of my plants that I love I search in this darkness, I touch it, I try to understand it, I highlight it, I colour it, I put my heroes in it, and I tell my story. To be my sanctuary, my world with which I return to my colourful memory. With every painting I make, I record a trace of salvation. Those are my coloured shadows.”

Previous exhibitions of the artist’s work include Days Gallery – Jeddah (2013), Days Gallery at the Dubai World Financial Centre – Dubai (2012), Days Gallery in the Quds-Dubai (2009), Days Gallery – Damascus (2008), Zara Gallery – Amman (2007), and Ishtar Gallery – Damascus (2004-2006).