AlUla To Exhibit As Part Of Milan Design Week This Month

Emma Hodgson   |   08-04-2024

Design Space AlUla is heading to the prestigious Milan Design Week this month.  

It will exhibit recent design initiatives inspired by the materiality of AlUla at the Mediateca Santa Teresa, in the heart of Brera, the historical design district of Milan 14-21 April 2024.

According to organisers, the exhibition will include works from recent projects launched in the burgeoning design destination of AlUla, an ancient oasis city with ambitious masterplans across the creative industries and design sector. 

The pieces on display include designs by leading artists and designers; Dr Zahrah Alghamdi, Cristian Mohaded, TAKK (Mireia Luzarraga and Alejandro Muino), and TECHNOCrafts and were featured in two new design initiatives in AlUla this year – Madrasat Addeera Editions and the AlUla Design Residency, respectively curated by Samer Yamani and Ali Ismail Karami.

Discussing the new exhibition, Nora Aldabal, Executive Director of Arts and Creative Industries at the Royal Commission for AlUla said, “The growth of our design programme reflects the continued development of AlUla as a centre for design, traditional arts and innovation whilst celebrating the cultural heritage, vernacular materials and natural history of the locale. These pieces have specifically been chosen as not only do they exemplify the emerging design aesthetic in AlUla but also the continued inspiration and dialogue that our destination offers to a broad range of cultures and artistic disciplines.” 

 To find out more about Milan Design Week, click the link below.