Arab Creatives At Pew Are Revolutionising The Design Industry

Emma Hodgson   |   10-08-2023

Cairo-Dubai start-up Pew has recently been creating waves in the creative industry. 

Founded in January 2017, Pew rapidly emerged as a disruptive force driven by unmatched creative brilliance offering a rebranding strategy to spatial design experience.

The dynamic duo behind the design bureau, Nourhan Wahdan and Al Hassan Elwan, joined forces to challenge traditional design norms, bringing together cemented industry experience backed by their unorthodox ways, to create a design studio unlike any other. The founder’s unique, unconventional design approach echoed back, seeing the bureau in its first year establish profound, long-term partnerships with some of the globe’s biggest household brands including Youtube, Google, and Lipton in the region.

It’s just one of the many design agencies, which are proving the benefits of choosing local talent when engaging with audiences from the Middle East region. 

Indeed, Co-founder Nourhan Wahdan explains the advantages of knowing the local market: “As a creative, I’ve always held originality in very high regard but with such a fast-paced market. I’ve come to realise that it’s more about agility and being ready to adapt and accommodate change.”

Other brands under their belt include brands such as Unilever, Lipton, Tabby, Swvl, RiseUp, Dukkantek, UN Women, Sync School, Idealz, and SOKNA, solidifying their position as the go-to design and branding studio in the MENA region. 

Last year, they also expanded into the US market for the first time, setting up a second office in Los Angeles, California. The duo made the strategic move to adapt to new opportunities in the US market whilst still offering and retaining Middle Eastern roots.

No doubt this is just the beginning for the Arab creatives, who have become trailblazers in the creative industry.