Celebrities Step Out In Dior For The Premiere Of “The New Look”

Emma Hodgson   |   17-02-2024

A premiere of a show which follows the careers of several of the 20th century’s greatest fashion designers was always going to produce some excellent red carpet looks.

That’s exactly what happened at the premiere of “The New Look” – a new Apple series which offers a fictional account of the careers of Christian Dior and his contemporaries Coco Chanel Pierre Balmain and Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Juliette Binoche wore a Dior black wool crepe dress with a black sisal hat. The French actress paired the look with Dior black leather gloves and boots.

Meanwhile Glenn Close wore a fabulous Dior black wool and silk bar jacket and skirt.  She also wore a black Lady D-Joy bag, embroidered brooches, earrings and Dior shoes.

“The New Look” is available now on Apple TV.