Four Dubai Art Exhibitions We Love Right Now

Emma Hodgson   |   24-08-2023

Dubai has become a go-to city for art in the region. Here are some of our current favourite shows, exhibiting in the city.

Selected Works by Nabil Anani

Zawyeh Gallery in Dubai has launched a new virtual exhibition of selected works by the renowned Palestinian artist Nabil Anani. Anani presents the Palestinian landscape without disruptions, a perfectly manicured, well-tended landscape. He paints the picturesque hills of Palestine without the ever-increasing Israeli settlements, bypass roads, roadblocks, walls, and watch towers normally visible on every corner. He creates the Palestine of his dreams, inspired by his memories as a child growing up on the hills of Halhoul, a town near Hebron. (until 15th September)

Tales Under the Gate

The open-air art gallery at DIFC Sculpture Park will be running until 30 September 2023 under the theme, ‘Tales Under the Gate’. Expect an eclectic mix of work from modern, futuristic, innovative and cutting-edge artistic masterpieces of established and independent artists representing diverse art movements from around the world. From the enduring surreal visions of Salvador Dali and the monumental installations and sculptures of Anthony James to the cheeky pop artworks of American artist Jeff Koons and featuring the works of local and regional artists in a variety of mediums. (until 23rd September)

Polite Existence by Tsuyoshi Hisakado

Inspired by the laws of physics and mathematics, Tsuyoshi Hisakado’s multi-form practice questions the order of space, time, and other natural forces that inform and shape our everyday lives. This is the artist’s first exhibition in the Middle East and South Asia, presenting a wide body of work using a variety of techniques and materials- including sound, light, sculpture, drawing, and large-scale immersive installations. (until 24th September)

Fragile, Handle with Care by Giampiero Romanò

In Fragile, Handle with Care, Italian artist Giampiero Romanò combines his artistic creativity with his skills in restoration and preservation. Romanò is devoted to working with antique frames and mirrors, the source of his inspiration and from which he builds his universe but also breaks it. Romanò’s “Mirrors” could look rich and beautiful, yet they are extremely fragile, exactly like people. The artworks are also a representation of a journey to parallel temporal universes and are signs of revolution on the conventional in a bid for change. (until 17th September)