New Exhibition Opens Today At Opera Gallery Dubai

Diana Bell-Heather   |   06-12-2017

Opposite Attracts dubai opera gallery

Pascal Haudressy


From today you can head down to Opera Gallery Dubai to explore the contemporary artworks of two artists.


A curated space in DIFC are hosting Opposite Attracts exhibit from Pascal Haudressy and Alfred Haberpointner. The duo that have created a total of 25 artworks that look at contemporary art through modern technology and organic material wood.


Haudressy, a French artist who is distinguished by his unprecedented artistic approach, explores different media of painting, sculpture and video. He has pioneered a new image format – video installations that forensically focus on the nature of movement, light, shadow, and merging virtual and physical space. Haberpointner’s medium of choice is spruce wood. He grew up surrounded by trees and the artworks he creates are a long lasting testament and tribute to the environment of his childhood.


Opposite Attracts dubai opera gallery

Alfred Haberpointner


Sylvain Gaillard, Director of Opera Gallery Dubai said: “This exhibition is a journey for viewers and we are really proud to present two impressive artists who are unique and extremely talented in their own right”.


Opposites Attract at the Opera Gallery Dubai, DIFC, 6 – 21 December.


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