Prada Mode Will Travel To Seoul This September For A Two-Day Celebration Of Art

Emma Hodgson   |   24-07-2023

Prada has announced that it will present the tenth iteration of Prada Mode, Plural and Parallel, at cultural venue KOTE, in the South Korean capital of Seoul this September. 

Taking place on 5th and 6th September, the event will coincide with the international art fair Frieze Seoul. 

Prada Mode Seoul will be curated by Lee Sook-Kyung and the space will showcase multiple site-specific installations by esteemed directors Kim Jee-Woon, Yeon Sang-ho, and Jeong Dahee, which the house explains “advances an ambitious vision of contemporary cinema through each director’s idiosyncratic lens”.

The large scale exhibition will take place across KOTE’s multiple buildings, where the work of the three directors will be explored, “spanning questions of culinary culture, absence, and mortality” through the skilled curation of Sook-Kyung. 

“Films impact cultures by reflecting the values and ideas that already exist in a given culture but also by opening up new possibilities and visions. What we see in films are both reflections of realities and promises of imagined worlds, a product and prompt of collective imagination. Kim Jee-Woon, Yeon Sang-ho, and Jeong Dahee create distinctive worlds in their films that are at once products of contemporary South Korea and inspirations for different possibilities. Prada Mode Seoul will highlight their uniquely diverse visions by providing three separate yet interconnected spaces, each representing the individual director’s version of actual and imagined reality,” says Lee Sook-Kyung.

Alongside the main exhibit, Prada Mode Seoul will also feature screenings, musical performances, and dynamic conversations, as well as culinary offerings to complement the experience.