Saint Laurent Rive Droite Showcases Two Photography Exhibitions In Paris

Emma Hodgson   |   01-08-2023

Saint Laurent Rive Driote in Paris is currently showing two fabulous photography collections. Both are currently live and running until 11th September at the house’s Rue Saint-Honore address in the city.

Anthony Vaccarello has chosen to give a voice to two distinct collections. One covers the work of Zachary Handley and his distinctive eye.

Discussing the new exhibition in the notes which accompany its launch, the house explains: “Beneath the smooth surfaces of Zachary’s photographs lies a deep affection for all the micro and macro aspects of human existence. With a background in history and philosophy, he approaches photography as a research tool. His images have a soothing, timeless quality, radiating curiosity and intimacy. Encounters transform strangers into friends, human connections fuel artistic pursuits. The resulting images are not the sole purpose of Zachary’s explorations, but they are one of the fruits.”

Six of his most iconic works are featured in the show, including “Bayonne”, “Transylvania”, “Mikey Manchester”, “Fish springs”, “Palais de Tokyo” and “Alex Manchester”.

The second collection on show at the Paris Saint Laurent hub is called “Chronorama Redux”. The exhibition is curated by Matthieu Humery and includes over 400 photographic treasures. The show also includes the works of Giulia Andreani, Tarrah Krajnak, Eric N. Mack and Daniel Spivakov.

Works will be presented in two parts, starting with Daniel Spivakov and Eric N. Mack. Daniel Spivakov introduces photography onto his canvas as a symbolic support for the chromatic explosion he unleashes through painting. And Eric N. Mack borrows images from the pages of magazines and integrates them into his textile sculptures.