UNESCO and Prada Group Expand Their “Sea Beyond” Education Programme

Emma Hodgson   |   23-01-2024

UNESCO and Prada Group have announced the 3rd edition of their Sea Beyond educational programme, dedicated to the dissemination of ocean literacy and ocean preservation. 

More than 34,000 students in 56 countries will benefit from this training this year. 

It will offer ocean literacy training sessions for students and teachers and include live lessons with UNESCO ocean and climate experts.

The programme will run from January to June 2024 and end with an international contest, as per the previous editions.

This new chapter will also be marked by a new partnership with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries without Borders).

UNESCO and Prada Group will launch a contest inviting schools to create an awareness campaign with text, graphics or interactive content, to explain to their peers how to adopt more conscious behaviours to preserve the ocean.

The jury evaluating the campaigns will be composed of new and pre-established Sea Beyond “friends”, the so-called Sea Beyonders, people who have placed a love for the ocean at the centre of their personal and professional lives. 

Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s Director-General, commented on the new launch: “Humanity depends on the ocean, but the future of the ocean is in jeopardy due to human activity. If we want to succeed in saving it, we must support scientific research, and advance knowledge but also invest in education. This program supported by UNESCO and Prada Group, is a very positive example of how to raise awareness among younger generations and move towards virtuous practices”.


Image credits: Lead image – Giorgia Doglioni – Unsplash; body image Francesco Ungaro – Unsplash