Campbell Gray Living: Inside The Luxury Residences Newly Opened in Amman, Jordan

Hayley Kadrou   |   05-01-2020

Heading to the Jordanian capital, we spent the evening full of adrenaline waiting for the big reveal. To celebrate the launch of Campbell Gray Living Amman – the award-winning luxury development in the new downtown district of Abdali – a one of a kind sculpture that encapsulates the spirit of the city was unveiled.

After a friendship was struck up between Campbell Gray Hotel’s Chairman Saad Audeh and Belgian-born, France-based artist Zivo, the two came to the conclusion that they must collaborate on a project to celebrate their joint love of art. Fast forward to early October of 2019, and the two stood side by side as they presented Reflection.


Reflection stands in the city of Amman

Reflection stands in the city of Amman


Using the windy climate of Jordan and the inhabitants of the country itself as inspiration, Zivo explored his fascination with gravity and created the tallest 3D printed sculpture in the world. Standing in the city’s new boutique retail space The Valley – something of a wind tunnel created by Campbell Gray’s office space and residences standing in parallel – the light-reflecting work of art shows three figures balancing on a semi-dome, rocking back and forth in the wind without ever being pulled to the ground by its force. The sculpture represents the strength and unity of the family unit throughout the turbulence and adversities of life in today’s ever-changing world. 


The Valley has already cemented its place as the upcoming centre for Amman’s flourishing art scene, with a number of high-profile exhibitions and displays taking place at its gallery, The Corner. And this is only enhanced by the residences that have become the essential luxury destination in Amman – a work of art in itself. Here’s why….


Inside Campbell Gray Living Amman


Campbell Gray Living Amman exterior

Campbell Gray Living Amman exterior


Artistic Accommodation


Life in Campbell Gray Living is not only made as easy as possible but also as beautiful as can be. Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio – the London-based award-winning studio – the seven floors’ worth of one, two and three-bedroom apartments boast thoughtfully laid out and expertly decorated living spaces suitable for all needs. While each apartment shares the same artistic flair, no two are exactly alike. However, what runs throughout are incredible views of the city below, well thought out colour schemes and clever compositions to economise space.


The kitchen of a one-bedroom apartment


Opt for a furnished offering, and prepare to be awestruck by the interior designs and creative consideration. The three-bedroom flat is a feast for eyes with a luxurious open-plan layout, a wrap-around balcony and spacious yet cosy bedroom dwellings. Each apartment is equally as slick as it is stylish, delivering colour pops and artistic touches in the right measure. Cast stone and rich hardwood oak is signature to the abodes – the build-in library being a particular favourite feature – creating an at-nature feel, while the state of the art appliances and smart technology installed throughout assure that modernity is still at the heart of the home.


Lounge of a three-bedroom apartment


Every inch of design is a modern take on five-star luxury and offers a homely yet polished living space for those jetting in and out of the city who are tired of moving from hotel to hotel, and those looking to settle more permanently with ease into an inviting new build.


Unbeatable Facilities


Rooftop pool and bar area


Complimenting Campbell Gray Living Amman’s urban-slick interiors are the wide-ranging facilities, making for hotel-like living without the constant uprooting. Take for instance the rooftop pool area and bar, Las Cabañas, that boasts an infinity pool overlooking the city as well as secluded seating areas (complete with a hot tub) that can be enjoyed privately or booked out when hosting guests. A restaurant, Hanger, also sits on the ground floor of the building too, so good food is never in short supply.


Private hot tub and lounge space in the rooftop area


Residential offerings include daily cleaning, dry cleaning, à la carte services as well as concierge, postal and courier services, and each resident has access to the triple-play fibre optic service and 24-hour central hot water supply. There is even a residents member club to enjoy, too.


Thriving Location


Dining table from a three-bedroom apartment


Of course, the location choice is no accident. In the heart of Amman, Campbell Gray Living is a bridge between the modern and ancient aspects of the city. While views of the old city can be enjoyed from the pool and the balconies, the newly built boulevard in the town centre is a short walk away. The walking spot boasts a long promenade with everything from shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels to fitness facilities and entertainment outlets.


The Corner art gallery that sits below the Campbell Gray office building


And soon, Campbell Gray’s hotel will open in the capital too, just moments away from the residential building, with many of the hotel facilities being open to the property owners. Not to mention the offices that sit opposite, with the sensational Reflections sculpture standing strong against the winds between the two.


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