Giorgio Armani Collaborates with Magnum Photos

Fiona Lee   |   22-06-2022

Giorgio Armani is installing a collection of photographs in collaboration with Magnum Photos, that reflects a mixture of journalism, art and storytelling.


Photography has always fascinated fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, and so, to coincide with the Milan Fashion Week, he has launched a series of photographs focused on colours, places and faces. Giorgio works in collaboration with Magnum Photos, an international photographic agency and a host of photographers to showcase these images.


The images are captured by photographers, some of whom have sadly passed away, and others who are still active in the industry today. Each of the photographers was selected due to their creative visions and their ability to capture stories through their camera lenses, each is united by a desire to explore reality, translating suggestions and emotions into images.



The spectrum is broad, enabling a variety of images to be captured, and stories to be told. We see Christopher Anderson’s China, focusing on people’s faces rather than architecture, and Olivia Arthur’s Dubai, seen through the eyes of a castaway who returns after fifty years to a city that has grown from a village into a megalopolis; a story many of us can relate to here in the UAE.


“Photography has always fascinated me because the emotion it inspires is very similar to the sense of surprise felt when observing reality from an unexpected point of view. In particular, I admire the work of the Magnum photographers, which I got to know when I myself began to see the world with new eyes. Colours, Places, Faces takes us on a colourful journey through worlds and cultures near and far, transfigured by each of the artists, through their own personal vision. It is the attention to reality that fascinates me about their photographs, which are never simple reportages and are all so different from each other”, comments Giorgio Armani.



With this exhibition, Giorgio Armani supports the projects of Save the Children, the international Organisation directed at improving the lives of the most at-risk children around the world.


If you’re travelling to Italy this summer, the installation is open to the public at the Armani Silos museum in Milan, from 19 June to 6 November 2022.