High-End New York Style Tides Bar to Launch in DIFC

Fiona Lee   |   30-06-2022

Atelier House Hospitality is set to launch Tides, a new underground-level, New York style chic bar in DIFC.


A new high-end bar, with a New York City chic vibe, is set to open next month in DIFC. Following the success of Michelin-starred 11 Woodfire from Atelier House Hospitality, Tides Bar is the next exciting location to open. Open exclusively from Thursday to Saturday between 10 pm and 3 am, Tides Bar will transport guests to the vibrant hip-hop scene of the 90s juxtaposed with a luxurious Dubai atmosphere.


The theme behind this bar, evokes a feeling of changing tides and changing moods, refreshing the old and the new, the ocean with the city. The interior takes guests under the sea, with nautical décor pieces and blue-lit glass bubbles suspended from the ceilings. On alternating walls, contrasting amber pop-art reminiscent of New York’s pop art deco scene brings that chic city vibe into the room.



To reflect the name of the bar, and the funky interiors, the menu offers a selection of ocean-themed cocktails inspired by the world’s 7 seas and 5 oceans, prepared by top mixologists. One of the highlights from the menu is the Arabian Sea made with an arak & vodka base with a hint of sage and a tropical touch of refreshing grapefruit, served up in a special blue rock glass.


The bar also welcomes guests to enjoy a selection of bar bites, created by talented Executive Chef Yunus Emre Aydin and 90s hip hop music mixed by live resident DJs.


Managing Director of Atelier House Hospitality, Panchali Mahendra commented, “TIDES has been a passion project for over a year, and it is a delight to see it finally come to light. This launch is a tremendous culmination of the entire Atelier House Hospitality team coming together to add a new spark to the nightlife scene in DIFC. The venue is unique to Dubai as we realized a New York-style high-end bar with a refined, engaging, and lively ambiance for the after-hours crowd was lacking. We made sure to maintain the elevated standard expected for the Marea brand but inject some intrigue”. 



To discover this ocean meets city experience, join Tides Bar on the Lounge Level of Marea, Gate Village 7, DIFC, from 1st July.