The Latest Renovation Trends For 2023

Lindsay Judge   |   06-01-2023

Renovation experts Neville Johnson reveal what’s coming next for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes.


The new year calls for fresh starts and new beginnings, with many people wanting to apply this within the home too. Decorating or making design tweaks each year is a great way to feel refreshed and keep your home in line with the season’s top trends, whether it be a fresh splash of paint to the walls or a fully fitted furniture transformation. In 2022 alone, nearly half of homeowners (49%) planned to renovate for the year ahead.


Premium-fitted furniture brand, Neville Johnson, has a wealth of experience when it comes to transforming homes each year. Should you be planning ahead to renovate your whole home, or just considering a quick refresh, here are the predicted interior trends which will dominate 2023, according to renovation experts.



Pantone’s Colour of The Year has been revealed as ‘Viva Magenta’, which means shades of vivacious pinks will dominate both fashion and interior moodboards in the new year.

Neville Johnson predicts that homeowners will be much more daring in 2023 when it comes to their interiors – introducing eye-catching shades that spark instant joy into the room. Cari Bateman, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson said: “Shades of pink have been popular in 2022 and it looks like the popularity is only going to increase. We can see this colour being used as a wonderful accent piece amongst more neutral designs in larger communal spaces within the home.”

Neville Johnson’s bespoke pink dressing room is a perfect way to create a statement space within the home.


Bespoke Pink Dressing Room



It is not just bright and bold colours that will be making their mark in 2023, as natural woods and tones are also set to inspire our homes in the new year. Softer blonde woods are coming through as a more popular choice, paired with a neutral colour palette, to create a peaceful environment – an ideal choice for homeowners seeking serene spaces and that ‘Slow Living’ interior trend.

Cari Bateman, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson comments: “In 2023 we’re definitely going to see a continued demand for soft wood and wood effect finishes. The new year will see blonde woods being a popular choice, as they complement natural tones so well. Even woods like walnut can work well with oatmeal palettes, with the ‘natural’ shades being a timeless addition to any home. 

“We’re also seeing lots of interior designers and celebrities focus on tall wooden doors with integrated wooden handles – which Neville Johnson predicts is going to be one of the key interior trends for 2023.”

Neville Johnson’s Under Stairs Study is a peaceful space that can inspire productivity. Its light wooden finishes mean neutral tones can be paired to create an airy atmosphere within the room. The addition of white cupboards creates a soft contrast, perfect for a space that is needed for quiet moments and concentration.


Under Stairs Study




This year, panelling became a firm renovation favourite with homeowners, as an effective alteration which gives a space a new range of depth. The new year will see this trend continue to grace our homes.

Cari Bateman, Senior Designer at Neville Johnson said: “The popularity of acoustic panels is showing no signs of slowing down. Slatted wood walls and panelling has been extremely popular this year and is only gaining more momentum going in to 2023. Mixing both darker and lighter woods, again for that natural aesthetic is going to be a big trend. And if you took part in the panelling trend the previous year, repainting in a new shade will revitalise the space.”

Neville Johnson’s family boot room utilises both practical and aesthetically focused design elements. The installation uses soft panelling to give the classic design a contemporary twist, making it ideal for both modern and traditional enthusiasts.

Next year the brand will showcase some bold colours and more natural finishes, and whether you take a statement or neutral renovation approach, there are many ways to enter into a new year with a refreshed home.

Samuel Brealey, Designer at Neville Johnson said: “It can be difficult to make a final decision when it comes to renovating the home, but interior trends really do help to inspire us and give us new ideas on how to transform our homes to our own personal tastes.

“Fitted furniture is such a simple trick to help transform a room into a space that is practical yet stylish. With such a variation of renovations to choose from, ensuring your space is still on trend is guaranteed”. 


Boot Room

With over 35 years of experience in designing fitted furniture, Neville Johnson is the market leader in bespoke home renovations. The brand’s furniture renovations combine the flair of the UK’s top designers with the time-honoured skills of traditional craftsmen, all brought together with your personal selection of materials, colours, and finishes.


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