Montblanc Is Offering A Spectacular New Writing Instrument Customisation Service

Emma Hodgson   |   16-02-2024

Montblanc is taking its writing instrument customisation service to new heights with the launch of the new Bespoke Nib Configurator available to customers in selected Montblanc flagship stores worldwide. 

In addition to the existing Bespoke Nib service, newly purchased Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pens can be further customized to optimize nib functionality and tailor-made nib design to meet individual needs and tastes. 

Discussing the new service, Alessandra Elia, Montblanc Director of Writing Culture said:  “Handwriting is an intimately personal experience, which is why we have developed a fully bespoke service that caters to our customers’ unique writing needs. By combining the latest technology with Montblanc’s longstanding tradition of craftsmanship, our bespoke nib configurator allows clients to customize both the technical and aesthetic features of the nib to add a truly personal touch to their Montblanc fountain pen.”

During a private appointment for the bespoke service at selected Montblanc flagship boutiques, customers have access to an exclusive nib tester coffret that displays all currently available Montblanc nibs. 

Various nib types can be tested while benefitting from the one-on-one expert advice of a Montblanc specialist to find the nib that best suits each person’s writing style and needs. 

The tester coffret is accompanied by the bespoke digital configurator.

Through this online platform, the in-person experience is enhanced by a fully digital databank that allows customers to compare the characteristics, designs and writing styles of Montblanc nibs thanks to a library of 3D photos and videos. 

Once customers have selected their preferred nib type, they can choose from various customization features to configure a completely personalized nib design – whether the addition of bespoke characters or text, symbols, coating, or even a precious jewel.

After a three-month creation process following the appointment, customers will be able to enjoy a bespoke writing experience and encounter the sensorial pleasure of putting fountain pen to paper. 

Montblanc’s bespoke nib service is available in selected Montblanc flagship boutiques.