Prada To Collaborate With Athlete Brian Grubb For New Dubai World Record

Emma Hodgson   |   05-12-2023

Prada Linea Rossa is once again partnering with a Red Bull athlete who is taking on an incredible challenge, American wakeskate pioneer and three-time world champion Brian Grubb. 

For his latest effort, Grubb is bringing to life his long-time dream project, an extraordinary world first that combines drone wakeskating and BASE jumping. Perched atop the sky bridge at Dubai’s Address Beach Resort, the Guinness World Record-holding infinity pool sits an astounding 294 meters above sea level.

Grubb’s daring journey begins by wakeskating 94 meters across the rooftop pool, towed by a drone at a speed of 30 km/h, before leaping over the pool‘s edge, seamlessly transitioning into a thrilling 77-story BASE jump covering 294 meters and successfully landing at the beach below. This accomplishment, known as “WakeBASE,” is Grubb’s seven-year-old dream and marked a historic milestone. 

Prada Linea Rossa outfits the American athlete with gear that combines comfort and performance with the versatility required to adapt to both sports, providing equipment for ultra-high speeds and powerful impacts. Durability, thermal protection, and unrestricted movement are granted by multilayer and elastic structures, heat sealing, large and lightweight volumes, and high-performance details in the materials, fabrics and innovative design solutions – employed in everything from the board to the clothing and accessories.

This is the latest event in the partnership between Prada Linea Rossa and Red Bull, which aims to promote unique sporting initiatives and to reward the talent and bravery of athletes by helping them achieve their ambitious goals.