The Best Travel Experiences in the Middle East

Fiona Lee   |   16-06-2022

If you haven’t planned your summer vacation yet or are looking for an experience that is a little closer to home, then we’ve found some of the best travel experiences in the region.



Whale Sharks in Doha, Qatar

Did you know that the waters of Qatar have regular visits from the ocean’s largest fish, the whale shark? Anantara has partnered with the travel company Discover Qatar to bring you an incredible ocean adventure to enjoy with the whole family. Located off the coast of Doha you’ll find Banana Island, a crescent of golden beach. The island hosts the Anantara resort providing a range of luxury room options including beach suites and overwater villas, and a list of exciting activities. The real star of the show though is the whale shark tour! Between April and September, the cooler waters of the northeast coast of Qatar provide the perfect location to see these incredible marine giants as they gather to feed close to the surface. Guests will be transported by luxury catamaran on a two-hour adventure and are provided with expert knowledge on the animal and a breakfast buffet too.

To find out more please visit: Anantara Banana Island and Discover Qatar




Adventures in AlUla, Saudi Arabia

AlUla an area located in the Medina region of Saudi Arabia currently remains largely off the global tourism radar despite it providing all the makings of a bucket-list destination, this is because it is a hidden gem that many are unaware of. So we’ve let you into the secret! The area provides ancient tombs that remain the legacy of 7,000 years of human civilization, stunning natural rock formations and canyons, a plethora of adventure sports options and cutting-edge art installations which are perfect for keeping the whole family entertained. Although the weather is hot, AlUla has a slightly lower temperature than the UAE and provides lots of incredible hotel options where you can cool off after your adventures across the desert. Habitas Wellness Resort is an excellent destination for exploration and relaxation, the incredible traditional tent-style villas merge perfectly with the rocky landscapes and provide guests with a true Bedouin experience and luxury feel.

Visit Discover AlUla to see five reasons why you should visit in the summer as well as all the incredible experiences on offer.




History in Petra

If you would like to learn about some Middle Eastern history, then why not take a luxury trip to the hidden city of Petra. One of the seven wonders of the world, this is the destination for those who love to explore and learn about the past. This ancient rock was undiscovered for more than a millennium and is an archaeological jewel for you to discover. An ultimate Petra expedition takes you on a journey through this hidden trail in luxury and includes sunset BBQs of traditional Jordanian cuisine, candlelight treks of the ruins with a stunning view of the Milkyway sky above and even a trip to the salty Dead Sea, finishing off with some relaxation time at the Kempinski. It’s a historic adventure lovers’ dream.

Find out more about luxury travel in Jordan here: Visit Jordan