This Is What You’ll Be Eating In 2019

Diana Bell-Heather   |   19-11-2018

Each year we are bombarded by various food trends – in 2018 we either went vegan, or indulged in Poke bowls, aka the everyday meal in Hawaii.


food trends 2019


Beginning of 2019 is a good time to detox your fridge and start filling it up with the newest culinary musts. Whole Foods, one the leading food stores in the world which hope will open in Dubai someday, revealed a list of goodies we will all be snapping for the ‘gram. Here are our top picks.


The Exotics


Inspired by Pacific Rim and flavours of Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America, we will be filling our tummies up with Dragon Fruit and passionfruit. This trend also promises to deliver great meat and sugar substitutes.


Frozen Treats

We could not be happier to see that there will now be an even healthier way to keep cool during the Dubai summers. According to the food giant, low calories ice creams and unusual flavours like avocado, houmous and tahini will appear on the shelves.


food trends 2019


From The Ocean

We all tried seaweed, but now it’s the turn of seaweed butter and kelp noodles. Want to add more omega-3? Replace your afternoon snacks with crispy salmon skins.


Nature Calls

There’s been a rise in popularity of plant-based diets. Next year, Whole Foods predict that there will be a lot more mushroom-based products to choose from. You will also spot more treats containing coconut and even vegan coffee.


S for Sustainability

Across board, more companies are considering sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Whole Foods thinks that there will be “an even bigger emphasis on reuse” with more shops embracing the ‘BYOVB’ (bring your own vegetable bag) campaign.