Two Female Emirati Pilots Join Dubai Police

Lindsay Judge   |   29-08-2021

As the UAE celebrated the 6th edition of Emirati Women’s Day, two Emirati female pilots joined the air wing of Dubai Police.


Dana Al Mazmi and Mohra bin Hammad have undertaken a year of extensive training and will now take on search and rescue missions as part of the Dubai Police duties


Both women joined Dubai Police in 2019 and went on to graduate from the Horizon helicopter flight academy. They also took part in a number of missions including search and rescue missions across the Emirate in order to ensure they had sufficient training for graduation.


“I’m proud to join the air wing at Dubai Police and carry out missions that would protect the public and provide its members with safety and security,” Said Dana Al Mazmi.


“We are all proud of what women have achieved in the UAE and in Dubai Police in particular,” Mohra bin Hammad said.


The two have now joined the force officially after completed all training and will continue with their duties in the air wing.