Gucci Presents High Jewellery 2022: Hortus Deliciarum starring Jessica Chastain

Fiona Lee   |   24-06-2022

Gucci presents the third act of Hortus Deliciarum, the High Jewellery collection designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, and a new campaign for the launch starring Jessica Chastain.


Composed of unique pieces divided into five themes, the Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has designed the third instalment of the Gucci High Jewellery collection 2022, titled ‘Hortus Deliciarum.’ This collection brings together cultures, in past and present times existing side by side, a dream-like journey, discovery of the rarities and history of each moment.


The story of these pieces moves from one to another in a magnetic attraction of the landscapes and precious stones. Miniature images of the destinations are presented amidst the colours of emerald, aquamarine, rubellite, spinel, morganite and amethyst. This fairy-tale world is formed in which the Creative Director immerses himself in the will of a traveller who wants to know and study the world taking shape before his eyes.


Take a journey with us, as we explore these five enlightening pieces in more detail and gather the jewellery souvenirs from each moment in the travel diary.



In the first theme, the idea of a Grand Tour is developed as we arrive in Italy, symbolizing a journey that European aristocrats and intellectuals undertook through continental Europe. A set of unique micro-mosaic pieces, made between 1850 and 1870, bring to this collection the precious nature of the product and the historicity of the typical Roman landscapes they show. The set depicts such locations as the Colosseum, the Temple of Hercules and the waterfalls at Tivoli.


The story continues from Rome, where we journey as far as India of the Maharajah to the magnificence of the eclectic architecture of the royal palaces and the lush nature of the gardens. Through the next three themes, we travel through time, Greek myths impart, a new world of skyscrapers soar in the 1930s and 1940s, and for the final destination, we finish in the 1970s, pop culture and free self-expression.



To tell the story of these pieces, Gucci presents a vivid cinematic campaign featuring Oscar-winning actress and film producer Jessica Chastain. Chastain inhabits an elegant and eccentric character who wears the High-Jewellery pieces as souvenirs of her travels, a collector of fashion, art, and experiences.