Buccellati Shines At The Jewellery Arabia Fair in Bahrain

Emma Hodgson   |   29-11-2023

The Jewellery Arabia Fair recently took place in Bahrain, where Italian luxury Maison Buccellati stood out amongst the many jewellery houses gathered at the exclusive Fair. 

Known for its timeless craftsmanship and artistic elegance, Buccellati showcased several of its iconic collections at the event.

The creations displayed were rooted in the Buccellati family’s history, symbolic of the artistic evolution of the Maison. The spotlight at the event was on two remarkable collections: the Macri and Opera collections.

The Macri collection, conceived nearly four decades ago by the creative visionary Gianmaria Buccellati, represents a poignant chapter in the brand’s history. Inspired by the blooming femininity and graceful simplicity of his youngest daughter, Maria Cristina, Gianmaria delved into his emotions, resulting in profoundly heartfelt and sought-after jewellery pieces. Characterized by delicate engravings and an iconic style, this signature collection epitomizes true Italian excellence, resonating with a deeply rooted history.

The iconic Opera collection lends itself to continuous and extremely amazing interpretations. The logo element becomes a true protagonist and is the centre of an ever-pulsating and captivating creativity. Opera “Tulle” seamlessly merges ancient goldsmithing traditions with original, alluring designs, showcasing the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Beyond the jewellery displays, Buccellati also presented its exquisite silverware line, a canvas where creativity and craftsmanship intertwine to breathe life into extraordinary creations. Blending silver with diverse materials, the collection boasts an assortment of cutlery, frames, trays, sea jewels, and more.

All of the products displayed are available at Buccellati’s boutique located in The Dubai Mall, UAE.