Bulgari Launches the Mediterranea High Jewellery 2023 Collection in Venice

Lindsay Judge   |   16-05-2023

Bulgari has revealed its 2023 High Jewellery collection in Venice. Celebrating the beauty of the Mediterranean, the collection is a journey through history, culture and beauty, showcasing the finest in craftsmanship, design and innovation.


Designed by Bulgari Jewellery Creative Director Lucia Silvestri, the collection is divided into three universes Southern Radiance,” “Roman Splendor,” and “East Meets West,” each of them referring to a specific constellation of symbols, atmospheres, and inspirations.

“This High Jewellery collection is a homage to Mediterranean beauty. Being in the Mediterranean region, all my senses are awakened; I see beauty everywhere. Architecture, nature, and people are an inspiring melting pot, where many different cultures and societies have mingled and enriched each other over centuries.” said Lucia Silvestri.


Emerald Lotus


The Southern Radiance pieces express Bulgari’s vivacious, joyful, and fierce spirit. Intricate architecture, lush gardens, sunny coastlines, and a powerful telluric nature are some of the elements contributing to the uniqueness of Southern Italy that inspires this vertical.

The Roman Splendor category is an emblem of magnificence. It is a series of exquisite creations that evoke some of the Eternal City’s most emblematic monuments, its unique warm light, and the fascinating mythology linked to its history.


And the “East Meets West” translates and expresses various elements from different countries and three continents, Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Diocletian Garland Earrings


Highlight pieces from the collection include the Tribute to Venice high jewellery necklace, which evokes the splendor of Venetian architecture. It features a 15.38-carat fancy yellow diamond drop complemented by an exquisite layout of yellow and white diamonds and a cascade of diamond baguettes meticulously cut to reflect light at their best.


Venetian Fantasy


The Southern Sapphire platinum necklace recalls Southern Italy’s Apulia region, where white chalky Baroque villages overlook the sea with a peaceful serenity. Requiring 1,650 hours to be completed, this lace-like soft layout of shimmering diamonds and transparent sapphires unfolds around a stunning 66.88-carat Ceylon sapphire evoking the blue depth of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Emerald Lotus Necklace expresses the aesthetics of Indian spirituality in jewelled form. Creative Director Lucia Silvestri imagined the evoking design of a pashmina, soft and graceful. The majestic protagonist emerald, a maharaja stone of 37.14 carats found in Colombia, is placed horizontally and symbolizes the “third eye.” The undulating design of round brilliant-cut diamonds (48,74 ct) accented with 20 emerald beads (53.22 cts) radiating from the centre enhances the sense of spiritual magnetism.


The final vertical of the collation “The Snake” is a celebration of the Serpenti, Bulgari’s signature High Jewellery emblem that celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Two exquisite pieces celebrate this icon.


The Yellow Diamond Hypnosis Serpenti Necklace continues the legacy of Serpenti’s transformation. Representing the delicate balance between the powerful Serpent’s strength and the diamond’s beauty, the snake coils firmly wrap a fancy intense yellow diamond of 15.5 ct.


  Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti


The Mediterranean Sapphire Serpenti necklace. Nine sapphires from Sri Lanka of a total of 40,81carats evoking snake’s scales are set in a sinuous platinum and pavé diamond body construction culminating in a tassel pendant of 80 oval-shaped sapphire beads totalling 116 carats.


The High Jewellery collection launched in Venice on 16th May 2023.