Cartier’s High Jewellery Collection Magnitude Sees Precious and Ornamental Hard Stones Collide

Hayley Kadrou   |   21-07-2019

Take a look through the latest high jewellery collection from Cartier that sees a unique marriage of precious stones and ornamental hard stones.

6 - HPI01330-Cartier-Magnitude-Soreli 1

Cartier Magnitude Soreli

3 - H7000451-Cartier-Magnitude-Aphélie 1

Cartier Magnitude Aphélie

1 - H6028516-Cartier-Magnitude-Terra 1

Cartier Magnitude Terra

2 - H7000420-Cartier-Magnitude-Theia 1

Cartier Magnitude Théia

5 - H7000462-Cartier-Magnitude-Equinoxe 1

Cartier Magnitude Equinoxe

4 - H7000452-Cartier-Magnitude-Yuma 1

Cartier Magnitude Yuma

For its latest high jewellery collection, Cartier has set out to create a unique line of necklaces, rings and bracelets full of flair.


The Magnitude line takes an unusual approach by bringing together an unlikely pair – precious stones and ornamental hard stones rarely side by side for a finish that is bold and full of character.


Think diamonds mixed with rutilated quartz, matrix opals over shining sapphires, emerald greens paired with rock crystal and pink diamond coupled with morganite and coral.


One of the key items in the collection is the pink gold Aphél necklace that is made up of brown rutilated quartz, articulated tassels arranged in a sunray motif around the cabochon gem. Opposites are accentuated with the curves and spikes mixing to create the pendant.


Another striking piece is the Théia necklace which is structured around seven round-shaped Colombian emeralds that have been nestled inside levelled rock crystal motifs, with the geometry and optical illusions designs borrowed from the codes of kinetic art making the piece magnetising.


See more from the new Cartier collection above.


Cartier Magnitude collection

Cartier Magnitude collection


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