Chaumet A Feast of High Jewellery

Eliza Scarborough   |   10-10-2017

With Chaumet est une Fête, the Maison pays tribute to the Parisian taste for an alchemy that conjures enchanted occasions, sparkling guests, an exceptional location, a stirring tempo, and the elegance of a jewellery parure.


The new High Jewellery collection evokes these instants of rhyme and radiance that inspire emotion and beauty. A Parisian Maison, Chaumet is inspired by four places beyond its borders, emblematic music venues that, akin to Paris, are lauded all over the world. Jewellery virtuosity captures the magic and the vibrations of this timeless symphony to adorn women with light and majesty.


Pastorale Anglaise


Valses d’Hiver


In honour of the mythical Glyndebourne, Pastorale Anglaise offers a breath of fresh air and British nonchalance with jewels of the utmost refinement in a bucolic setting. A reinterpretation of the Scottish tartan motif, the Pastorale Anglaise jewellery set takes inspiration from the Glyndebourne festival, with a fanciful twist.


Aria Passionata calls upon the repertoire of the great Italian operas of Milan’s La Scala to inflame the passions of queens of the night with incandescent red. Garnets, rubies, and tourmalines sparkle with scarlet hues to illuminate the beauty of women. The Metropolitan Opera of New York, imbued with the sleek elegance of the Upper West Side, exalts its great musical moments with Rhapsodie Transatlantique’s palette of soft colours. A symphony of changing colours combines diamonds, Umba garnets, pink tourmalines, sapphires, violet, Padparadsha and yellow-green sapphires, morganites, tanzanites, imperial topazes, champagne, and cognac diamonds to create an effect as arresting as the final bouquet of celebration fireworks.


At the Vienna Opera, Valses d’Hiver is an ode to the lightness of Strauss’ waltzes, embodied by the purest whirl of grace and wonder. The whirl of pearls and diamonds of the Valses d’Hiver creations evokes the movement of flounces and laces twirling to the rhythm of vivacious dance steps.



Rhapsodie Translatlantique


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