Dior Delights With Its “Couture Gardens” High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   22-11-2023

Dior’s high jewellery collection “Couture Gardens” references an infinite source of inspiration for Christian Dior.

Gardens and elements of gardens and nature have been featured in numerous collections since the brand’s New Look show in 1947. Corolla skirts, embroidered or brocaded roses, floral trims, and pastoral prints all became elements that would be imbued in the brand’s DNA for decades.

It is indeed fitting, then, that Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, returns to this solid source of inspiration for the latest collection of high jewellery pieces.

A tribute to the supreme savoir-faire of jewellery-making and exceptional stones, this new collection is composed of an impressive 170 pieces, including three secret watches – veritable watchmaking gems – adorned with splendours of the plant world.

Lush foliage, flowers assembled stone by stone as delicately as if petals, bouquets of country blooms, or shimmering flowerbeds conjure up the sweet delight of spring.

Gems set at different levels add volume to the jewels, transcribing the naturalness of a garden. Contrasting colours blossom in a bold interplay of reliefs. Motifs appear architectural, almost abstract.

The inspiration isn’t always literal, with de Castellane adding some abstract elements to her creations. In a modern approach, many of the pieces are transformable and made to be worn in more than one way. Some stones with an impressive number of carats can be detached, and rings can run on several fingers.