Meet The Tiffany&Co Collection Which Is Inspired By The Sea

Lindsay Judge   |   23-11-2023

Tiffany & Co.’s 2023 Blue Book high jewellery collection is inspired by the sea. Titled Out of the Blue, it is a continuation of Nathalie Verdeille’s first Blue Book collection for Tiffany & Co., the House’s Chief Artistic Officer of Jewellery and High Jewellery pays homage to Jean Schlumberger’s marine-inspired masterworks and explores his fantastical perspective of the sea. 

The brand is expanding on five of the collection’s existing themes—Shell, Coral, Pisces, Star Urchin and Starfish—and reimagining Schlumberger’s vision in a new theme: Sea Anemone. 

With geometric and stylised aesthetics, each masterpiece perpetuates and reinvents Schlumberger’s enigmatic symbols of the sea.

 “Our collection is a dance between mimesis and stylisation, representation and figuration, realism and abstraction of nature,” said Nathalie Verdeille, Chief Artistic Officer, Jewellery and High Jewellery, Tiffany & Co. “The ocean-inspired masterpieces are an ode to Jean Schlumberger’s rich creative repertoire. From his creations, we have created a new dreamlike language that animates what he so brilliantly conceived half a century ago.”

Often described as the flower of the sea, the Sea Anemone theme honours the dexterity of this creature’s forms. 

This new addition to the Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue collection features highly innovative design mechanisms such as a bracelet containing diamonds, blue cuprian elbaite tourmalines and turquoise set en tremblant — lending a sense of subtle motion and movement.

Other creations are designed with an inverted setting consisting of diamonds with their culets facing out, lending a spiky texture magnifying the Sea Anemone theme.