Piaget’s New High jewellery Collection is Extraordinary

Lindsay Judge   |   18-11-2021

Piaget’s latest high jewellery collection Extraordinary Lights captures the moments when evening becomes night and night becomes day and all the remarkable facets of light in the sky.


From the Northern Lights to the image of delicate lanterns floating about the world, this collection pays homage to the beauty of light. Using the most precious of materials and gemstones the Extraordinary Lights collection combines exceptional craftsmanship and technical ability with modern creativity.



The collection is split into three chapters: Festive Lights, Magical Lights and Infinite Lights. The first represents the moment that dusk draws into the night. The second mirrors the natural light show of the Northern Lights as the sky becomes a theatre of technicolour. Captivating streaks and bursts of colour create a kaleidoscope of shimmering hues.



And the final chapter represents the moment when peace is restored in the night sky. Stars glisten in the darkness like tiny pinpoints of light that dance around. An extraordinary necklace stands out as a truly unique piece.