Prada Releases New Rose Gold Pieces As Part Of Its Sustainable Fine Jewellery Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   08-08-2023

Eternal Gold Prada – the world’s first entirely sustainable fine jewellery collection – has just unveiled its newest pieces in the collection, made out of rose gold. Initially released in November 2022, the Eternal Gold Prada capsule has since gone from strength to strength, leading up to the newest release.

Using time-honoured artisanal techniques, precious gems and metals; the collection is 100 per cent made using recycled gold.

“Prada’s recycled gold is drawn only from eligible recycled material sources, in compliance with due diligence – including industrial gold, and post-consumer precious objects. Prada partners exclusively with those suppliers of precious metals and stones who meet the highest industry standards concerning human rights, labour safety, environmental impact, and business ethics,” the house explained.

“The reduction of mining of new gold benefits both the environment and human rights and while traceability of diamond origins is conventionally only possible with stones of 0.5 carats or larger, Prada expands the concept, for the first time, to stones of all sizes. It also extends through the entire value chain, from mining to cutting, setting and polishing – every step of every diamond’s life can be traced,” Prada continued.

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