The New Jewellery Line Created For Mothers and Daughters

Lindsay Judge   |   11-05-2021

Jude Jewels is the brainchild of ambitious 10-year-old Jude Adnan Safieddine.


Inspired by her mother Josette Awwad’s passion for art and artful jewellery, Jude shares that love and explores the world of precious objects as she debuts her own brand with a special line of creations.


Josette Awwad was surrounded by medallions and icons ever since she was Jude’s age, and she passed on the joy of cherishing these timeless pieces to her daughter.


Leaving an everlasting mark on her childhood, these objects d’art are at the heart of Jude’s first collection which she created with the support of the woman who inspired her.



These glorious hand-painted icons are turned into beautiful jewellery pieces, encrusted with precious stones, diamonds or pearls, in the heart of Lebanon, a country where creativity and exquisite handcraft reign supreme.


Gold and precious stones frame the hand-painted pieces which, just like the two ladies behind this line, embrace childhood memories. Magic is an intangible, yet integral element that makes this collection a true representation of this 10-year-old dreamer and her mother.


Jude’s love for God is embodied in a new collection entitled الله – offering pieces for both mothers and daughters in two different sizes, mini and small, set with semi-precious stones ranging from purple to green, pink and blue.


A journey that starts with art and colours is one that is meant to last, and with an ambitious little girl who believes in magic leading the way, it certainly will. Showcasing her very young ambition and sharing the dream of possibilities with little girls just like her, Jude dreams of a journey full of beauty, and that is simply, truly Jude.


Stay tuned for more on the brand as it launches.