Woman of Substance: Beatrice Borromeo on Life, Motherhood and Pursuing the Career of Her Dreams

Lara Mansour   |   31-10-2022

Beatrice was born Beatrice Borromeo Arese Taverna to Italian aristocratic parents. After graduating from university, she became a journalist in Italy, working as a full-time reporter for the national newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, before moving into television, reporting on some of the country’s biggest political and news shows.


Prior to all this, when she was a teenager, Beatrice had found a career as a model and walked for fashion houses, including Chanel, Valentino and Trussardi, but journalism remained her true passion. She began creating documentaries including directing “Mamma Mafia”, a film surrounding the controversial subject of female members of the Italian mafia. She also directed several films that address controversial and important subjects surrounding women. In 2018, she launched her Monaco-based production company, Astrea Films.


In 2008, Beatrice began publicly dating Pierre Casiraghi, the younger son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover. The couple married in 2015 in the gardens of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. Casiraghi is the maternal line grandson of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and American actress Grace Kelly. He is eighth in the line of succession to the Monegasque (Monaco) throne, following his twin cousins Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, his mother, his brother Andrea, nephews Alexandre and Maximilian Casiraghi and niece India Casiraghi.


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While they are not full-time working members of the Monegasque Monarchy, Pierre and Beatrice are prominent members of society in the Principality and are held in high esteem. They have two young children and enjoy also the local aspects of life in Monaco. The couple supports many charitable causes and tries to use their status in a way that can help and give back to others. While Beatrice is aware of her position, she is very humble and has an air of effortless elegance surrounding her. While her privileged life allows her to have many incredible opportunities, she has chosen to continue to pursue her career in film production and documentary making, addressing issues that are important to her.


Beatrice is also a close friend of the Italian jewellery brand Buccellati. Growing up seeing her mother wearing the Milanese jeweller’s pieces and imagining herself one day wearing them, the partnership was a match made in heaven. On a beautiful day in Monaco, we met Beatrice to find out more about her life, her career, her passion for spreading awareness and her love for Italian- made jewellery.


It is fascinating to hear about your career as a journalist and your experience as a documentary filmmaker – tell us more about what’s in the pipeline in that direction.

I recently participated in the production of Amazon Prime’s first big TV show in Europe called “Bang Bang Baby”. It is based on “Mamma Mafia”, a documentary I did many years ago. Now I am currently developing a TV show that is the project of my life. It is in the final phases of its development and I consider it my dream project. I am also working on a documentary series as a filmmaker which I’m producing as well, and that will be coming out in spring 2023.


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What you select to work on needs strength, confidence, and perseverance. If you look around you on the scene today, do you think women are equipped to be daring and talk about certain matters or do you still feel that there is a taboo around certain topics?

I think it’s wrong to generalise when it comes to women. I don’t think you can ever have a conversation that includes women as a whole because I find that it depends on the type of people, their experiences, restrictions, limitations, or the hope, possibilities and opportunities that they have. And this varies from country to country, from age to age, and from background to background, so it’s very hard to generalise and apply my own experience to others. In my part of the world, there are definitely a lot of possibilities and it’s very much up to you if you want to try to make it happen. In my field of film production, we are living in a golden age in which streamers are hungry for content, so many projects that a few years back would have received a very low budget are now possible to develop properly. There are a lot of people working in the documentary world who would have had a hard time getting films done until five years ago, so it’s an amazing moment for us.


So yes, in my experience it’s within reach no matter who you are – if you are bold, have good ideas and are willing to work really hard, but I’m not sure that is the case for everyone. I have learnt with time that you shouldn’t assume and that sometimes the obstacles and challenges that women may face are very hard to overcome – I’m thinking of the dramatic situation in Iran these days. It is extraordinary though to see women who keep on fighting for their rights, trying to reach equality, which is still not there in a lot of places. But in my world, there are a lot of things that it’s possible to do. Therefore I believe that hard work, resilience and motivation normally open many doors. It also depends on what you want to do of course, but I think, generally speaking, it is a moment in history where, in some countries at least, women are definitely better off than in the past.


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Tell us about a day in your life and what it’s really like to juggle many things.

Lately, the days have been very similar because my editing team is living with us. I wake up in the morning, take my kids to school and then we start editing until 4pm. I then pick up my kids and hang out with them for a couple of hours with my husband and then we edit for a couple more hours, have dinner and then it’s bedtime. And then we repeat! I’m in that particular phase of my documentary series – the editing – it’s a seriously draining experience, in the best of ways but you never finish – there are many cuts for each episode that need to be approved and it is a very long process. I love it though. I believe a lot in what I’m doing, I think it’s an amazing project and it’s also perhaps the first time I’m doing something that I’m really proud of, so that keeps me motivated.


In general, how do you handle your life and your job?

Women nowadays are expected to have children, have a partner, have a job, be successful in that job, and somehow have time for themselves, and that’s not realistic. Something’s got to give. I need downtime now and again, time to watch a TV show, read a book or just have a passive experience. Most of my best ideas come either when I’m sleeping or when I walk in the forest close to our countryside home. That’s when you get the best ideas because you need to give your brain a break. In truth, we are over-stimulated – there are too many messages, images, and inputs to take in – and our brains are so busy that they don’t have a second to elaborate on a thought. So when you disconnect, that’s when your brain has the best ideas. With my kids, for example, I try not to organise activities for them all the time, I just let them play and use their imagination and, honestly, they are never bored. I play with them of course, but sometimes I just let them be and I can see how healthy it is because it also puts them in a mindset that they don’t always need to depend on others to be fulfilled. I try to apply that also to myself although it’s more difficult!


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Today we were celebrating the beauty, art, and craftsmanship of Buccellati – how did this partnership come about and what are the common codes you feel you share with the brand?

It’s a story that began when I was a child. I remember this one Buccellati Macri bracelet with stars that my mother had and that I always tried to steal! I was obsessed with it and she would only allow me to wear it while sitting on her bed. I would ask her every day. So I have this clear memory of Buccellati being something I was mesmerised by as a child. So when Buccellati asked me to work with them it felt very natural. It was jewellery that I loved to wear and that I would have borrowed if I could – so I could not envision a better partnership. I would never enter any partnership in which I didn’t really love what I wear, whether it’s a dress or jewellery.


How would you describe your style?

I’m quite easygoing, I normally wear jeans and a shirt with sneakers. I have my own style and no trend will ever make me change what I like to wear. Of course, I dress up for public occasions, and for that, I love the partnership I have with Dior because I really like what they do. I would struggle to have to wear something that doesn’t feel like me, so it’s amazing when I can find this combination of brands that allow me to be true to myself and that I find extremely elegant and cool and modern. For public occasions, I need to be elegant and proper. I hate to be shocking. I know what I like, and it takes me a second to decide what to wear.


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I’m sure there are a lot of women and girls looking at you as an inspiration – what would you tell them?

I don’t feel like I have much to teach yet. I just reached the point in which I know what works for me – but I insist on saying that one shouldn’t apply her personal experience to others. My biggest aim in life, when I was younger, was to reach emotional stability. The best part of my life right now is that I feel self-confident, I’m not afraid of missing out, I have a balanced life, I’m happy, and everything I need is in my home: my children, my husband, and my work. I need to be able to work to feel independent and to have a purpose and part of my job is to tell stories that can have a positive impact on the world around me, even if just on a very small scale. I don’t ever want to be oblivious to the world around me.


Tell us about some of the current initiatives you’re working on.

At this very moment, I’m honestly doing nothing but editing all day long. And I will keep on doing just that until it’s done. I used to be very involved with the Monaco red cross but until my film will be finished, every free moment I have will be dedicated to my children. I am looking forward to going back to those missions though, I love the feeling of belonging to the Monegasque community and contributing in some small way. My husband and I then do a bunch of other charity work that we choose not to share publicly.

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What do you say no to?

Today I say no to a lot more things than before. I say no to everything that isn’t really important. Previously I was afraid of missing opportunities but today I’m in a much safer place in my life because my identity is set, my family is strong, and thankfully I don’t have financial stress that pushes me to take on every opportunity, so I can choose what I really want to do. I have taken on many jobs in my life that I am not particularly proud of, but no more. I won’t take any time away from my kids to do something I don’t strongly believe in. I consider this perhaps the biggest privilege of my life.


What fears do you have?

I have so many fears! Since I had kids, I’m just so concerned all the time. And this is what I mean when I say I’m not in a position to teach anyone anything because there is so much I still need to figure out myself. I want my kids to be free to experience things, but at the same time, I’m terrified that something might happen to them. It’s something I am still struggling with.


In your opinion what makes modern royals today successful?

I think that the most important thing is not to live in a bubble, to be aware of the world around you and to appreciate the fact that whatever position you’re in, that position is a place of responsibility and not a place of privilege. It’s a role that allows you to do a lot of good things, a platform that allows you to give. If you try to take from it selfishly that doesn’t work.


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What do you think of Kate Middleton for example?

I think she is extremely good at her job – not only representing the Royal family but also raising awareness on the importance of children’s early years. She seems to be a very good mother and a very stable, strong person. It must be very hard to be constantly exposed as she is, I wouldn’t thrive in that situation and I admire her for the impeccable way she manages to navigate her role. Her situation is not comparable to our lives in any way: we help when we can here in Monaco, if there is any need for us to represent the family, we’re honoured to do it but it’s not very demanding for us. We have our jobs, we work for a living, and don’t depend on the State on any level.


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Is there a message you would like to send to our readers in the Middle East?

I think that it’s so important to try to figure out what it is that you want and what makes you happy. Take others into consideration as well as your culture and your obligations to your community. But ultimately, it is good to push the boundaries if needed, to ask for more, and to always try to push for equal opportunities and complete respect. I think empowerment means you have more responsibilities, to your family, to your community, but also to yourself. My biggest wish for little girls around the world is that they are given the opportunity to grow into the person they want to be. We have to work as a global community to make sure this freedom of auto-determination is eventually granted to everyone. Meanwhile, you can always find a space for your dreams and do your very best to make them real.


Concept Creation/Editor In Cheif: Lara Mansour Sawaya

Photography: Alan Gelati
Styling & Direction: Lindsay Judge
Hair: Frank Doat
Makeup: Fabienne Beauty Monaco
Location: With thanks to Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

All clothing: Dior Fall/Winter 2022 collection