Exclusive World-Wide Reveal: Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Powered by Raging Mechanics

Dana Mortada   |   25-09-2017

Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini to enter the world of precision in seconds.



Our exclusive editorial story with Roger Dubuis is finally out in our September issue, just in time for the Swiss watch brand’s big announcement for their partnership with the legendary Lamborghini Squadra Corse. Sharing the same values, the two brands are infamously known for their “breathtaking technology” and “daring customer experiences”; inspired by the high-powered Aventador S engine together they introduce the extraordinary Excalibur Aventador S powered by Raging Mechanics.


Dazzling for the eye and equally remarkable on the inside, we had the honor to be one of the first in the region to capture the brand’s daring timepieces against the Italian high-speed car, in the heart of Dubai- the pinnacle of luxury.


Enjoy the video from our regional exclusive shoot with Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini above. 



Exclusive Roger Dubuis Story