Fendi’s Latest Fashion Watches Make the Perfect Accessory

Lindsay Judge   |   22-03-2023

Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with this season’s looks? we’ve got you covered with Fendi’s latest fashion-forward watches.


FENDIMANIA Baguette Watch


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the FENDI Baguette the FENDIMANIA Baguette watch perfectly captures the spirit of the accessory with a fashion attitude. Perfect for the younger generation this stylish watch is presented on a scrunchy strap with a pearlescent dial and gold FF.


FENDI Olock Horizontal



The FENDI Olock is an elegant choice for those looking to add colour to their look. The bold design is presented on a stainless steel strap with yellow gold finish and a jade dial, as well as the FF FENDI design around the wrist.



FENDI watches are available at FENDI stores nationwide.