Haute Time: Dior’s Laurence Nicolas On Watches Women Want

Lara Mansour   |   30-11-2017

Companies are best described by their mottos, and Christian Dior is among the few that stay loyal to them, following Mr Dior’s maxim that, ‘genuine luxury requires genuine materials and the craftsman’s sincerity.’ Laurence Nicolas, President of Dior Watches and Jewellery, continues to forcefully remain true to this way of thinking, strengthening the brand since she was appointed to her current position in February 2008, in addition to her role as Head of Dior Fine Jewellery.


A graduate of Reims Business School, Laurence Nicolas began her career as auditor at Coopers and Lybrand. She then joined Cartier where she was active in sales and marketing before being appointed at Christian Dior Couture in 2001 for the development of the fine jewellery activity.


Here we take the opportunity to talk with Nicolas during Dubai Watch Week, and get an understanding of her dynamic approach, together with future plans for the year ahead.


Why did you decide to participate this year at Dubai Watch Week?

Because I love this region, and I think the Seddiqi family organised something that is amazing at expressing the different brands and the timepieces in the industry. It is a platform for conveying messages in a non-commercial way, which I feel is a very elegant way to talk, share and discuss in terms of refinement and sophistication.


You are moving this year from presenting at Baselword to Paris instead, can you tell us about this?

It will be in mid-March, and will be at our Salon in Paris. We decided to go back to France as we wanted to go back to our roots. There was no need for us as a Haute Couture brand to continue to be part of the masculine Swiss watchmaking industry, especially because we are not looking to recruit more sales. We want to continue to be selective, and invite the best people to see what we are presenting in Paris instead.


dior watches

Dior Watches, A&E Magazine November Issue.


What can we expect to see in 2018 from Dior watches?

I think we will surprise you, with a real direction towards women. We are really building the pillars of feminine beauty, enhancing the refinement of the brand in every tiny detail. Every year we partner with the best craftsmen we can find in the industry, and we will continue with this strategy creating with even more high-end jewellery timepieces.


What do you feel are the current challenges in the watch industry?

I think we should try and be loyal to who we are. The danger for timepiece brands is to try to be everywhere, and we don’t want to be that, instead staying loyal to Mr Dior’s commitment which is feminine beauty and craftmanship, but at the service of creativity.


How would you describe Dior timepieces in three words?

Creativity, excellence, and femininity. Although I think the word couture really encapsulates everything.


What is your New Year’s resolution?

To have more time for everyone I love, my friends and family. I want to be more available.


Can you share with us your personal motto?

My father died and shared some very crucial words with me, ‘don’t be passive in front of your life, and take your life in your hands.’


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