Jacob & Co. Reveals One of the World’s Most Expensive Watches

Lindsay Judge   |   25-03-2023

Jacob & Co. Has unveiled the Billionaire Timeless Treasure, an 880-carat-yellow diamond watch worth over 20 million US dollars.


This one-of-a-kind timepiece which took three and a half years to complete features 425  large and high-quality yellow diamonds laid out individually as a mosaic with varying tones of yellow, further enhanced by the unique green glow of tsavorites. The Billionaire skeleton tourbillon movement is adorned with another 57 yellow baguette-cut diamonds.



This exceptional one-of-a-kind piece is a museum-worthy design and a first in the history of high jewellery watchmaking. With a price tag of 20 million USD, it is one of the most expensive timepieces ever made. Never before has a watch been so lavishly set with a gathering of such gemstones.



We’ve browsed the entire world for three and a half years in search of an unprecedented number of perfect gems, says CEO Benjamin Arabov. We’ve gathered them here, in our Geneva headquarters, where each one was scrutinized at rough stage, at cut stage, before and after setting. The incredible work done by our gem-setters happened entirely here, in Geneva. We’ve combined our expertise in high jewellery with our skills in high watchmaking and used our drive to achieve what has never been done before. So we’ve created a unique piece that outshines every other high jewellery timepiece in opulence, exclusivity and diamond quality.”