Panerai Launches New Project to Support the Protection and Conservation of Manta Rays in the Oceans

Lindsay Judge   |   22-07-2022

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Shark Week, Panerai has pledged to support manta ray conservation in a new partnership with Razer and environmental non-profit organisation Conservation International.


This new partnership will focus on satellite tagging manta rays to gather data on temperature, depth, and location which can be paired wot known hazards and other information to inform conservation management of the animals and their habitat.



The manta ray programme is led by Conservation International’s world-renowned coral reef ecologist and marine conservationist Dr. Mark Erdmann, who said, “The data from our ongoing research on manta rays has led to the development of sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities, supported the creation of new protected areas, and informed policy changes that protect these species and their ocean environment. We are excited to extend this program together with Panerai and Razer.”


This initiative will also contribute to the “Panerai Ocean Conservation Initiative” mission developed in partnership with IOC-UNESCO. The initiative features a worldwide educational campaign throughout 100 universities to educate students on the oceans and enlighten them on how a luxury brand such as Panerai can be a force for good for the planet with a serious commitment towards sustainability.


Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers also shares Panerai’s passion for sustainability and launched a ten-year programme in 2021 to protect and preserve the environment.



“The objective of ocean preservation is an indispensable consideration in all that we do, in the manufacture and beyond. Our partnership with Razer and Conservation International is no exception, and it demonstrates our 360-degree approach to improving the marine environment. The project convincingly shows that safeguarding ocean wildlife isn’t a zero-sum game. Instead, protecting the manta supports a healthy ecosystem, including the people who are part of it,” says Jean Marc Pontroué, CEO at Panerai.


In December Panerai will also unveil a limited-edition series of an iconic watches bearing Razers’ signature aesthetics and made with recycled materials.