|   10-01-2016


Bearing the name of jeweller Fawaz Gruosi’s youngest daughter Violetta, affectionately known as Vivi, the Lovivi watch embodies a play on words filled with tenderness and combining ‘love’ and ‘vivi’. It’s the perfect representation of the unbreakable link between a father and his daughter.

It features materials as original as fossilised mammoth ivory, black jet and amber, as well as a mineral considered to be the most sacred of all, turquoise: this original cuff watch has it all. This wrist-worn treasure hints at a unique, assertive personality, and at wholehearted, intense emotions, making it a vivid symbol of life and love.

The new model, highlights the symbol of infinity, an endless curve, its round, generous shape reflects an image of perfection. Ties entwine to evoke eternity with a ribbon with neither a beginning nor an end. It’s a collector’s piece that embodies a tribute bearing vibrant testimony to the affection and love that Fawaz Gruosi bears to his family, his children and his youngest daughter, Violetta.

Lovivi is the perfect expression of the jewellery expertise of the Maison de Grisogono through its rectangular dial featuring softened lines, delicate contrasts and generous volumes. The complexity of the watch and the specificity of the stones chosen require nearly four days of work to sculpt the stone and nearly three days for the setting. The bracelet is carved from a single block of stone. A complex, painstaking task that endows the watch with its status as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Once carved, the bracelet can be adjusted by means of an ingenious clasp system. The watch is available in jet black lacquer with white gold set diamonds, turquoise with emeralds, amber with rose gold, ivory and mother of pearl and ivory and rose gold.