Discover the Beauty Look from Giorgio Armani’s Cruise 2020 Show

Lindsay Judge   |   06 - 06 - 2019


Giorgio Armani recently presented its first ever Cruise show in Tokyo. The collection celebrated the brand’s love of the Japanese culture with bold prints and colourful designs.


The model’s beauty look was created by Linda Cantello, International Make-up Artist at Giorgio Armani using the brand’s make-up line. Inspired by the culture of Tokyo, models were given a fresh-faced complexion with an intense dark smoky eye liner.



Linda Cantello developed this look for the first time specially for the show, she said:

“Inspired by the duality of Japan, a modern society steeped in ancient culture, a graphic black eyeliner on the top lid is softened underneath with feathery strokes. This dichotomy is all drawn together with a matte POWER FABRIC base and LIP MAESTRO shade #202. Classic Armani Sophistication meets the modernity of urban Tokyo. ”


See the step by step guide on how to get the look using Giorgio Armani Beauty below:




Moisturise the face using CREMA NERA SUPREME REVIVING CREAM LIGHT TEXTURE. Apply FLUID MASTER PRIMER. Then use a mix of POWER FABRIC FOUNDATION in a shade matching the skin tone with a drop of POWER FABRIC FOUNDATION in shade #1.





Lightly fill in the eyebrows using EYE & BROW MAESTRO in appropriate shade and make them straighter, longer and thicker.


Then using black SMOOTH SILK EYE PENCIL in shade #4, draw a straight line on top of the eye and blend it towards the outer corner. Then make a straight line using the black shade from the ‘Notorious’ EYE QUATTRO EYESHADOW PALETTE’.


Then taking the pencil, apply a straight line under the eye to meet the top line and blend.





Use LIP MAESTRO liquid lipcolour in shade #202, ‘Dolci’ on the lips as well as on the cheeks.


And there you have it!




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