A&E’s Guide: Tips to Tonal Dressing

Dana Mortada   |   27 - 10 - 2017

Gigi hadid tonal dressing trend

cara delevigne

Jessica Alba



For several years, the tonal dressing trend has been gaining ground as an elegant way to pack the intensity of a single colour in one outfit. The formula to pull off the one-colour look- is to keep a healthy balance between textures.


However, if you still don’t fancy the idea of making that one hue the center of attention, then there are plenty of ways to break the rules or even add in an extra colour. If feel at risk of looking like a Crayola set, follow our 4 tips on tonal dressing below.


Tip 1) Use black or white subtle tones to recreate a less vivid look but that still doesn’t shy away from an attractive finish.

Tip 2) To master the one-hued look, try matching a tailored ensemble- a simple blazer and pantsuit combo.

Tip 3) To give your outfit dimension and contrast,  make sure you balance different textures of the same colour; like leather with silk.

Tip 4) Dare to mix different shades, try electric blues with baby blues.



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