Morning Coffee With Maya Toubia, Wedding And Event Planner

Hayley Kadrou   |   03 - 03 - 2019

Maya Toubia talks through how she began a career in event planning and what inspires her both professionally and personally.


With a particular passion for crafting beautiful table settings, Maya Toubia knows what it takes to ensure every detail of a couple’s wedding day is perfect, from the big picture to the tiniest of details.

But while she’s crafted out a successful business for herself, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t face the same career worries and struggles that the rest of us deal with, as she explained to A&E over Morning Coffee.


Watch the full interview with Maya above, and see the five things we learned talking to the talented wedding planner below.


Five Things We Learned Talking To Maya Toubia Over Morning Coffee

The one thing she’d change about the wedding industry

Maya told us: “Honestly, I would simplify the whole concept. With the recent oversized weddings we have been seeing, I personally think that weddings are becoming more of a show and that they are losing their main essence.” So there is it from the expert – sometimes less really is more.

Successful careers can come out of coincidence

Rather than a lifelong dream, Maya explained her amazing career happened more organically. She explained: “[I got into event planning] really by coincidence. When I was 18 years old, I used to work as a hostess at weddings so it was a summer part-time job. And then after a year I started my own hostessing agency that led me later on in 2004 to plan a wedding from A to Z.”

Maya explained that, after she executed the challenge with success, she naturally pursued the wedding planning path and her career began to snowball.

We all struggle with work life balance

When we asked Maya what her biggest professional challenge is, she gave us an answer we can all relate to. The busy mum said: “To me, the most difficult part is to keep a good balance between my family and my work.” Previously, Maya told us that her biggest achievement to date was her family.

Self-starters are inspiring

What inspires Maya that most? People that make something incredible out of nothing, never losing patience in their dream. She said: “Any successful person that started from scratch… I really respect people who started from nothing and who were patient and built their own career and became successful entrepreneurs.

Life is too short not to be happy

… Is Maya’s motto she lives by. Short, but spot on.


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