Louis Vuitton’s Latest Fragrance Celebrates The Finest Ingredients

Lindsay Judge   |   18-11-2023

Louis Vuitton’s newest fragrance, Myriad, is the latest edition to the brand’s Les Extraits Collection. As part of a partnership between Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, and the legendary architect Frank Gehry, the collection features a creatively designed bottle with an abstract shape created by Gehry, inspired by a crumpled flower.

The fragrance itself is the sixth addition to the family created by Belletrud and features a composition based around “black gold”, or oud as we commonly know it. “It’s an exceptional note that has always fascinated me,” explains the Master Perfumer. This precious wood has been a key ingredient for fragrances in the Middle East for years, and has now become a key element in some of the world’s most iconic fragrances. This time, it is broken up with floral notes to unveil its true beauty. Cavallier Belletrud chose Assam oud, partnering exclusively with a supplier in Bangladesh. It gives “a perfect balance between the woody, spicy depth of oud and its characteristic animalic note.” He explains.The fragrance is broken

up with multiple types of rose, contrasting and giving it a softer side. The fragrance is completed with cocoa extract, saffron, ambrette, white musk, and a lingering note of moss.

Myriad is presented in an eye-catching red shade, encased in an elegant bottle featuring the sculptural work of Frank Gehry on the lid. Taking the original bottle by designer Marc Newson for Parfums Louis Vuitton as his starting point, Frank Gehry began by stretching its lines into curves. From there, he designed a spectacular hood, like an imaginary flower, whose foundations he shaped by crumpling a sheet of aluminium in his hands. This ephemeral, now eternal, form reflects both technical and aesthetic prowess. A work of art in its own right, both sculptural and ethereal. “I gravitate toward more vibrant colours – the ones that are very saturated. It just turns your brain on in a different way.” Says Gehyry.

Myriad is available at selected Louis Vuitton stores and at louisvuitton. com.