The Latest Perfumes For Ramadan 2021

Lindsay Judge   |   19-04-2021

We discover some of the latest fragrances for men and women to wear over the Holy Month



Louis Vuitton Pur Oud



Joining the luxury fragrance family at Louis Vuitton Pur Oud is the latest perfume from the House to explore the olfactory culture of the Middle East. Oud is one of the most precious materials in the region and its scent evokes memories of Middle Eastern culture. With Pur Oud, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pays homage to this precious ingredient, concentrating in unprecedented proportions an exceptional essence of Assam. A perfume for connoisseurs, Pur Oud offers lovers of “the wood of gods” the privilege of appreciating one of the world’s most beautiful wonders in its purest expression. Available at Louis Vuitton boutiques. 



Salvatore Ferragamo Cupola 



Inspired by the 600-year-old Cupola of Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence Salvatore Ferragamo’s Cupola fragrance represents history and culture, paying homage to the beauty of the artistic city. A subtle freshness of vivid tangerine and green angelica is rounder with soft leathery saffron, reminiscent of the rays of sunshine on the Cupola cathedral. Warm amber envelopes the beauty of dark patchouli and smoky Gaiac wood. Available at



Maison Christian Dior Tobacolor



Rich in powerful aromas the scent of tobacco has inspired the latest scent from Maison Christian Dior. With a hint of liquorice and fruity notes, this surprisingly luminous and cheerful fragrance is both powerful and soft. Thanks to its unique choice of ingredients this luxury scent evokes travel and freedom with a soft smoky feel. “I wanted to revisit the classic composition of a “tobacco” by creating a surprising scent based on a blend of smoke-flavoured tobacco. I wrapped the delights and the plumes of smoke in sweet and fruity notes that are warm and joyful. Tobacolor is as powerful as it is cheerful. It is a perfume to which one becomes attached, like a comfortable, enveloping addiction.” Said François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator



Sisley Paris Izia La Nuit



Sisley’s new Izia La Nuit fragrance is a declaration of love. An ode to the night, this intense perfume is a homage to the mysterious rose which grows in the garden of Isabell d’Ornano. Originally developed in 2017 this new intense version of the scent is perfect for warm summer evenings. The intense floral scent is complemented by rich woody and leathery notes and a hint of vanilla sets of the fragrance. Full and sensual notes deliver a dizzying sensation as the fragrance develops, evolves and transforms over time, similar to a metaphor for the countless facets of love.



Henry Jacques Oud Collection 



Luxury perfumer Henry Jacques presents an ode to the Middle East with an exclusive selection of fragrances paying tribute to Oud. The three scents are exclusive to the Dubai Mall boutique and not available anywhere else in the world. Dar Abu Dhabi, Mandala and Deep Forest are designed to be worn by both men and women and are created as pure Essences only, crafted using only the finest ingredients. Dar Abu Dhabi is crafted from the finest Oud, while Cedarwood adds a woody touch, yet a beautiful floral feel from Saffron, Iris and Jasmine make it a perfectly rounded combination. Mandala combines Oud with sweet leathery notes and Incense, while Deep Forest is a marriage of Saffron and Rose, followed by Dehen El Oud and Patchouli. The fragrances are available at the Henry Jacque boutique at The Dubai Mall. 



OJAR Absolute



OJAR’s Absolute is a 25 pe cent concentrated perfume oil with a strong, long-lasting fragrance. Based on six key ingredients OJAR’s 18 fragrances are perfect for the Holy month. Three Absolutes shed light on the ingredient of Oud. The Infusion Velours combines Oud with incense, pepper and raspberry for an intense yet sweet fragrance, while the Stallion Soul brings together Cypriol, leather and Rose, and the third; Ciel D’Orage combines the intenseness of Oud with Artemisia, Gaiac and Suede. The small 20ml bottles require only the smallest of drops to offer a long-lasting scent that will stay with you all day. Available at



Bvlgari Le Gemme Collector’s Edition Duo



For the new Le Gemme Edition Duo Bvlgari travels to India to present two new fragrances; Le Gemme Astrea and Le Gemme Azaran. These two distinguished scents interpret both the allure of India and the Italian Maison with a unique sensory escape. At the heart of these two scents is saffron, known as “red gold”. This prized ingredient lends its unique properties to both of these spellbinding scents. Le Gemme Astrea combines a dusky saffron essence with a base of Sambac jasmine and honey, with a touch of gourmand. This dreamy and distinctive fragrance envelops you in the mysteries of the night and reveals an enchanting celestial escape. Le Gemme Azaran is inspired by the intenseness of saffron and is offered in a fresh, spicy, warm and leathery presentation. Sizzling and sophisticated, Le Gemme Azaran delivers the irresistible heat of fire and spice. Both fragrances are presented in bottles inspired by beautiful gemstones.



Emporio Armani Stronger With You Absolutely



Emporio Armani’s new masculine fragrance pays tribute to the absolute power of love. This Fougère Oriental Ambery scent for men is invitingly liquorous, sensual, and addictive. Composed by perfumer Cécile Matton, the fragrance opens with a new, fresh, and intoxicating facet: a subtle rum accord that blends with bergamot for a sparkling effect, and then elemi, a resin-like scent to reveal a fresh, spicy, and ambery aspect. The heart of the fragrance combines davana with its aromatic, liquorous and fruity facets, and Diva lavender heart from France, to create a powerfully aromatic appeal. At the base, the sweetness of a glazed chestnut accord is intensified by smoky cedarwood. Uniting with these notes are vanilla extract from Madagascar and patchouli, a blend that lends the fragrance a sensual and addictive, contemporary, ambery trail.