Vegan Beauty: The Brands in the UAE Going Cruelty Free

Hayley Kadrou   |   20-05-2019

Vegan beauty was once a niche offering that had to be searched high and low for. But now cruelty-free beauty brands – from makeup to hair care – are easier to find than ever, and more and more of our favourite mainstream names are adopting the same approach.




cruelty-free beauty

Already 80 per cent vegan, Hourglass is committing to becoming 100 per cent vegan by 2020


Makeup is often the hardest part of your beauty routine to switch up. We all have the brands and products that we’ve loved and used for years, and for a long time handing over our hides-all foundation for an unglamourous vegan alternative was difficult. But now, so many big and small brands are adopting a cruelty-free approach, either promising a completely vegan line or stamp marking certain products as vegan-friendly.


Beauty Blender is one of the brands committed to making vegan products. And if you thought that just meant the nifty little sponges that transform your complexion in a few squeezes – think again. Since launching the Bounce Foundation in 2018, the American brand has remained committed to creating vegan products. For lipsticks, Limecrime is completely vegan too, and seek out Colourfix for a highlighting boost. Milk, which is available through some sites in this region at the moment, is an LA born vegan brand changing the game, too.


As for filling up the rest of your makeup bags, you might have to pick and choose between several brands. One to note is Hourglass, that is currently 80 per cent vegan and is committed to becoming 100 per cent so by 2020. The likes of Tarte, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hill and Too Faced also have an extensive vegan range and are cruelty-free.




Aesop is vegan friendly, and carries a range of products for body ,face and hair

Aesop is vegan-friendly and carries a range of products for body, face and hair


When it comes to the one product not to compromise on, we’ve always been told to invest in a good face cream. It sits on your skin all day and all night, after all. But which vegan alternatives are up to the task? We suggest starting with Sukin. As well as vegan-friendly, the Australian skincare brand is natural, cruelty-free, carbon neutral and sold in recyclable packaging. Not to mention it’s tried and tested by the A&E team.


Botanical beauty brand Grown Alchemist is another of our favourites, as it stocks everything from your intensive serums and moisturisers to face mists and masks. If you only add one skincare buy into your routine, though, we rate the grain-free Enzyme Exfoliator.  Aesop is another Australian brand that’s wholly vegan, and if you’ve got sensitive skin that craves a creamy texture, opt for the Cleansing Milk and Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream from the brand.




Lush is actively against animal testing, and most while products are vegan they are all vegetarian friendly

Lush is actively against animal testing, and most while products are vegan they are all vegetarian-friendly


While we might remember to check if our lipsticks are tested on animals, we’ll often forget to ensure our entire toiletry shop falls under the category, too. In our recommendation, Lush should be your first stop. While the products range between vegetarian and vegan, the latter is always clearly marked and the products as a whole are cruelty-free. There’s plenty of choices as well as an element of fun added to your bath and body shop.


Elsewhere, try a gritty body scrub from vegan brand Urban Veda, an uplifting shower gel from The Organic Pharmacy, that is completely cruelty-free and mostly vegan, and pick up essential oils and bath salts from Neal’s Yard’s wide vegan selection.




Hair care range Rahua is completely vegan

Hair care range Rahua is completely vegan


Hair is often the first thing that people will notice about us, so treating it well is a must. Especially when you factor in the climate of extreme heat and hard water already raging war against your tresses. Trevor Sorbie – the iconic hairdresser who has his own range of products as well as his own salon in the region now – is a champion of vegan home hair care. With shampoos, conditioners and serums for all hair types, you can easily seek out the exact product for you without leaving your locks lacklustre.


Rainforest Grown Beauty brand Rahua likewise champions omitting animal-derived products from its collection, And we’re huge fans of the Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier as well as the matching shampoo and conditioner. Sachajuan holds a selection of suitable products too, while coloured hair should opt for Pureology products as an alternative, as the range is sulphate free, too. 


Charlotte Tilbury is mostly vegan, too. Instagram/sarahl.k_


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