Want Voluptuous Hair? A Step By Step Guide to Getting More Volume Quick

Hayley Kadrou   |   13-03-2019

Expert hairdresser Christophe Robin offers his simple-to-follow tips for adding more volume to your hairdo.


We all have our own hair woes. For some, it’s tackling unruly frizz, and for others, it dealing greasy roots. But if lacklustre tresses that have been taken over by gravity if your biggest hair concern, then fret not.


Speaking to Celebrity Hair Colorist Christophe Robin – who has created a volumising hair care line which has just launched into Sephora Middle East –he let us in on the secrets to gravity-defying locks.


Because adding a little volume to your tresses is the quickest way to add some life to your hairstyle.


Christophe Robin Celebrity Colourist

Celebrity Colourist Christophe Robin gives his advice on achieving volume as his hair care range launches into Sephora Middle East 




Robin starts by stating: “For achieving gorgeous natural volume, the secret is to use the right techniques and the best products.”


And achieving sky-high hair (well, kind of) all starts with the washing process, and the products you use can make all the difference. Targeted volumising shampoos and conditioners generally work to not weight the hair down, while regular products will be trying to infuse into the hair.


Take the new Christophe Robin Delicate Volume Shampoo with Rose Extracts and Conditioner. The former is enriched with rose water and extracts of fortifying baobab extract to gently cleanse, preserve colour, and restore volume and softness. The latter replenishes hair’s moisture while adding a touch of vibrancy to locks.


He states: “The Volumizing shampoo’s innovative gel formula helps quickly restore energy and volume. Combine with the instant detangling conditioner, packed full of antioxidants like rose oil and extract, vitamins A and E and also baobab leaf extracts, which nourish the hair fibres without weighing it down.”


Beware not to accidentally pick up a thickening shampoo. While volumising products aim to free to hair buy leaving as little residue as possible, thickening shampoos coat the strands to give the appearance of denser hair.


Getting it right starts from your hair washing experience. Credit: Instagram/christopherobinparis




And by post-shower routine, we mean as soon as you step away from the running waters. Robin instructs to apply any volume-inducing products you might want to use immediately. This is so it can get to work before hair dries into place.


But to give hair a boast before you take a hair drier to it, the Celebrity Colourist recommends: “Fold your [hair] towel into a thick rectangle, then tip your hair forward from the nape of the neck and dry your hair while smoothing the hair fibers.


“Repeat the method until all the water is drained from your hair. It will give your roots a lift before styling and also smooth the cuticle. Hair is shiny and already lifted at the roots.”




If you want more volume from the roots of your hair, investing in a hair drier that has a diffuser (if you haven’t got one already) will work wonders.  Even if you have straight hair, it can work to pull the roots away from the scalp and lock this in place with the heat.


And once you’re done drying your hair, Robin recommends: “Finally, finish your volume routine with the Volume Mist. This product is alcohol-free and gives roots natural support. It makes hair easy to style while also protecting your colour.”



Christophe Robin Volumizing Natural Conditioner

Christophe Robin Volumizing Natural Conditioner


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