Discover the Hidden Messages Behind First Lady Jill Biden’s White Ensemble

Lindsay Judge   |   21 - 01 - 2021

The outfit choices throughout the Inauguration of President Biden have been much talked about across the globe.


As a day of celebrations came to a close, First Lady Dr Jill Biden was pictured in a stunning white ensemble and it seems her choice of outfit was more symbolic than you may realise.


Designed by Gabriela Hearst the First Lady wore an ivory double-breasted cashmere coat and matching silk wool cady dress and face mask.


Image courtesy of Gabriela Hearst


The flowers were added to represent unity as Gabriela Hearst explained on her social media account: “The message of unity is the main inspiration for the creation of the ensemble. Unity makes strength and it is needed for the road ahead.”


The flowers used to represent this message are the federal flowers from every US state and territory of the United States of America. The flowers are embroidered onto the hemline of the coat as well as on the neckline and arms of the dress.


Image courtesy of Gabriela Hearst


As a tribute to the First Lady’s love of embroidery, the flowers were added by hand in New York City. Each flower took approximately two to four hours to embroider and the careful colour selections and placements took weeks.


Inside the coat, is a coat from Benjamin Franklin. It reads; “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


Image courtesy of Gabriela Hearst


And as a final touch, all of the materials were used from available existing fabric to minimise the impact on the environment, something which is certain to be a vital part of the incoming administration’s policies.


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