BURBERRY February 2017: Great Expectations

Lara Mansour   |   03 - 05 - 2017

Inspired by Henry Moore, the Yorkshire artist and sculptor famous for his off-balance proportions and chunky, curving bronzes, this is Bailey’s most conceptual collection for Burberry, with an abstract take on the brand’s staples.


Cashmere Sweatshirt Dress, Cape, Mid-calf Boots with Sculpted Heel. All Burberry


LEFT IMAGE: Double-faced Military Cape, Mid-calf Boots with Sculpted Heel

RIGHT IMAGE: Macramé Lace Shift Dress, Cotton Shirt Dress , Cape.

All Burberry


White Long Tulle Dress, Cape. All Burberry


LEFT IMAGE: Ruffle Cotton Capelet, Cotton Shirt Dress, Embroidered Tulle Panel Dress, Mid-calf Boots with Sculpted Heel.

RIGHT IMAGE: Black Long Tulle Dress

All Burberry


LEFT IMAGE: Chambray Tunic Shirt Dress, Quilted Ramie Military Jacket, The DK88 Bowling Bag, Mid-calf Boots with Sculpted Heel

Unisex Sweatshirt with Rope Detail, Cotton Shirt Dress, Mid-calf Boots with Sculpted Heel

All Burberry

Fashion Director : Eliza Scarborough

Photographer : Lezli and Rose

Hair and Make-up : Britta at Carol Hayes

Model : Emma at Select

Location : Peak District