Boho Bridal: Founder of House of Moirai, Barbaranne Heaton, Discusses Her Homegrown Bridal Brand

Lindsay Judge   |   16-05-2019

When it comes to brides in the UAE, many women look to Europe or even further afield for their bridal gowns. But you may be surprised to know that there is a local bespoke bridal designer making wedding gowns from the comfort of her own studio in Dubai. Introducing Barbaranne Heaton, the Founder of House of Moirai, who chats to a&e about popular wedding dress styles for 2019, launching her own business and the motto she lives by.


Founder of House of Moirai, Barbaranne Heaton

Founder of House of Moirai, Barbaranne Heaton


House of Moirai was founded by Barbaranne Heaton with the ambition to fill a gap in the market for bohemian, relaxed bridal wear, with a luxury edge. Her pieces are unique and designed to cater to each bride’s individual needs and style. Heaton has been a fashion designer for almost two decades. Her mother was a dressmaker and she spent her childhood watching her mother creating designs.


After moving to Dubai she realised the opportunity to design gowns for the less traditional bride who was looking for something unique and different. While House of Moirai is tradition a made to order brand, last year Heaton took the decision to start a ready-to-wear line to provide a more accessible option for brides, still within the boundaries of being a bohemian brand.


Here we discuss with Barabaranne Heaton the process behind her designs and what to look for when choosing your own wedding dress.


What is the first question you ask a woman when she comes to you for a wedding dress?


I ask them about the wedding location and date. I like to be able to imagine the setup and atmosphere when we’re discussing the dress design.


Do you prefer when a woman has an idea of what she wants or is it better for you to start from scratch?


I don’t mind actually. I get a mixture of both. But we always end up making the dress unique to the bride, even when they come in with a clear vision.


What recommendations can you make when it comes to body types and dress styles?


It’s important to ensure you’re wearing the right style not only for your shape but also for you. You have to be 100% comfortable in your choice and feel yourself.


What are the most popular styles you are being asked for at the moment?


I’m finding bridal fashions are really stripping back at the moment and I’m being asked for more contemporary, minimalistic styles which I love because you have to put a lot of emphasis on the cut and fabric, making sure the lines are perfect. Clean, classic cuts with a cool twist.


Why did you decide to start your business in Dubai?


I saw a gap in the bridal market out here and find it an exciting place to create something new.



What is it about bohemian styles that you particularly like?


I like the way they are laid back in the style but still elegant.


Is there one particular bride or dress that you’ve worked with that stands out in your mind?


All of them! Every dress, every bride is unique.


Are there any particular fabrics or techniques you’re enjoying working with at the moment?


We’re doing a lot of hand-dyed ombré effects on silk. I love the natural process and seeing how it develops.


How do you keep reinventing your designs?


I just keep myself in touch with how lifestyle and fashion trends develop. It’s important to take in new and fresh inspiration from all sorts of places, not just fashion.


What’s the secret to designing something that follows trends but is also timeless? Not trying too hard. Less is definitely more.



What did you decide to create a ready-to-wear collection for House of Morai?


I wanted people to see who we were as a bridal house, and also myself as a designer.


What has been the feedback so far?


We’ve had an amazing response. We recently showed during London Bridal Week at an independent pop up and we had an amazing response from brides in London. I think people are looking for something different in bridal these days. Brides want to express themselves more without having to go over the top.


How did designing the ready-to-wear pieces compare with your bespoke gowns?


It’s a completely different process. With bespoke designs, you have a particular bride in mind when designing and there are a lot of other factors to consider, but with the ready-to-wear, I was free to create the looks I wanted to see my brides in.


What is the professional motto you live by?




If you weren’t designing wedding dresses what would you be doing?


I’d definitely something creative. Since I could walk and talk I’ve had a pencil in my hand. I used to draw all over my parents’ walls. It drove them mad!


How would you describe your brand in one sentence?


Think outside the bridal box.


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