Vegan Myths Debunked: Founder of Soul Santé Café Manisha Advani Sets The Record Straight

Hayley Kadrou   |   26 - 08 - 2019

Having opened her plant-based eatery Soul Santé Café in Dubai Marina this month (August 2019) Founder Manisha Advani is ready to bust some myths about what eating vegan is all about.

If you’ve thought about going vegan but had reservations (or just turned your nose up at others who’ve told you they follow the diet) it might be because of some of the myths that surround eating plant-based.


From not getting enough protein, therefore, wasting away at a worrying rate to being banished from the world of flavourful food in favour of bland, there are plenty of stereotypes that come with switching out meat for something a little more earthy.


Eggless omelette at Soul Santé Café

Eggless omelette at Soul Santé Café


While everyone’s body is different (and those considering making drastic changes to their diet should speak to their doctor and/or a nutritionist first) going vegan isn’t as scary as you think – something vegan cafe owner Manisha Advani is keen to reassure.


The idea behind Soul Santé Café sparked when the Dubai born-and-raised business owner – who is also a keen athlete and cross fitter – was looking for vegan, low-calorie desserts as a treat to satisfy her sweet tooth that still tasted delicious.


Acai bowl at Soul Santé Café

Acai bowl at Soul Santé Café


She found of the existing options served recipes filled with artificial flavours and hidden ingredients – giving her the inspiration to made the recipes she wanted to see.


And when it comes to setting the record straight about eating plants based, here’s what she had to say…


Soul Santé Café Founder Debunks Vegan Myths


Founder of Soul Santé Café Manisha Advani shares her insider knowledge


You can’t get enough protein from a vegan diet

This is completely untrue. Jeremy Reijnder –  the fittest man from the Netherlands and a CrossFit games athlete – is a vegan. Everything we eat has protein, especially plants which are always readily available. Lentils have 18g of protein per cup, which in consumption isn’t a lot at all compared to a whole steak which would make one feel sluggish.


Vegan food is bland

Unless you’re eating plain broccoli that’s never the case. When the food isn’t overshadowed by animal fat, the vegetables can showcase their true flavours. Besides all spices and herbs used in cooking are plant-based, so you’d never be missing out.


Salad selection at Soul Santé Café

Salad selection at Soul Santé Café


Vegans basically eat salad all-day

Vegans have an unlimited source of produce that many meat-eaters have probably never even thought of. The combination of proteins, oils, fats, carbs is endless. So leafy salads aren’t the only option and adding in cooked beans will give one the extra “meaty” texture.


No more cake?

Says who! The options are limitless, and with so many new eateries offering vegan and raw desserts you’d never be missing out. Besides Soul Sante Café makes a mean sugar free and vegan cake, with all the chocolate you could desire.


Vegan food is automatically healthy

Not always but you’d still be feeling lighter. This is the reason a lot of bodybuilders don’t like turning vegan, as they don’t know what to replace their meat with. In comes fried potatoes, breads, and greasy vegetables. Knowing the right balance of macros is key for any diet, so don’t expect to be eating Oreos all day and losing pounds.


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Citrus and beets salad Soul Santé Café

Citrus and beets salad Soul Santé Café



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