Is This the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Hayley Kadrou   |   12-03-2019

A new study has thrown what we know about when to hit the gym out of the window.

For  many of us — or at least the gym bunnies among us — getting our workouts in before actually arriving at work is our approach to fitness.


The thought behind many people’s early morning routine is that getting a calorie-burning session in early kickstarts your metabolism for the entire day.


But a study published by Experimental Physiology has put some serious weight behind waiting until the evening to get your endorphin kicks.


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Working out in the evening can suppress hunger hormones, a new study has found. Credit: P.E Nation


The research found that late evening sessions might actually reduce appetite, and will not disrupt your evening sleep, as has previously been theorised.


The Researchers at Charles Sturt University in Australia made the findings after conducting investigative trials on 11 males, focusing on their sleep and appetite responses to exercise performed in the morning between 6-7 am, the afternoon between 2-4pm and evening between 7-9pm.


The results overall demonstrated that evening exercise did not have a negative impact on sleep, and that afternoon and evening high-intensity exercise lead to a reduction in ghrelin, the hunger-stimulating hormone.


While it may be better for reducin your appetite, previous studies has pointed to some of the perks of being an early riser and shaker. A 2013 study by Northumbria University demonstrated that working out before breakfast could help you burn more fat, for example.


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There are perks to working out both morning and evening. Credit: D5 Executive Gym


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