A Look At Louis Vuitton’s Largest-Ever High Jewellery Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   22-11-2023

Louis Vuitton this year revealed the largest high jewellery collections to date, created by designer Francesca Amfitheatrof.

First unveiled at a spectacular event hosted by the maison in Greece, the collection titled “Deep Time” features 170 pieces, which are being released in “chapters” throughout the year and into 2024.

Deep time is described as an ultimate and profound voyage, spanning the birth of the planet to the creation of life. “At Louis Vuitton, we are as ever adventurers, travelling to extraordinary, unexpected places,” says Amfitheatrof.

“Deep Time will transport you deeply into the past, to a time and place that is so remote and perhaps even difficult to comprehend.

But at the same time, the stones – these treasures that span millennia – will bring you right there, to the beginning of the planet and into a history of the world and its mystical geological legacy.”

Deep time is explored through two acts – geology and life – and encompasses 16 themes, 13 of which were presented in the collection’s debut.

Each one features masterfully executed jewels that capture this epic tale of transformation, life and interconnectedness.