Morning Coffee With Katia Samra, Global Marketing Director for Versace Fine Jewellery

Hayley Kadrou   |   06 - 03 - 2019

Katia Samra’s love for jewellery started from a very young age, and now she’s not only a passionate expert but a key figure within the regional jewellery scene.


Global Marketing Director for Versace Fine Jewellery, Board Member for SAMRA International and Board Member for the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group. These are just Katia Samra’s official titles.


But outside of her formal roles, Katia also plays an important role by helping and inspiring budding designers and hopeful entrepreneurs every day.



Chatting to A&E over Morning Coffee, Katia opened up on everything from her earliest jewellery-related memory to how Amal Clooney is her biggest inspiration.


Watch the full interview with Katia above, and see the five things we learned talking to the designer below.


Five Things we Learned Talking to Katia Samra Over Morning Coffee


Katia Samra chats everything jewellery with A&E over Morning Coffee

Katia Samra chats everything jewellery with A&E over Morning Coffee


Mornings equals ‘me time’


Not many people would say that early morning is their favourite part of the day. But for Katia, it works out as her only real time to herself. She said: “I love styling my outfit, applying my makeup putting together a special outfit for the day. And that’s like my zest for the whole day.”


Donatella is her favourite thing about Versace


The Global Marketing Director for Versace Fine Jewellery explained: “I love Donatella Versace‘s vision, which is to empower woman through her designers. It’s one of those cases when you see a woman with a dream or a vision and it’s so perfectly translated into her designs.”


Amal Clooney is her inspiration


Why? “I love her cause and her motivation to fight for women’s rights in conflict areas,” Katia explains, and we can hardly argue with that.


Love conquers all


… Is not only her personal motto, but plays into her professional motto, too. She elaborated: “Love what you do, and do what you love. I believe that if you don’t love what you do or there’s no passion there you won’t succeed at it.”


She says no to manmade diamonds


And gems and stones, on that matter. Katia said: “I would recommend and advise to always go with authentic products, authentic stones, authentic gems.”


Katia Samra named Amal Clooney are one on her inspirations

Katia Samra named Amal Clooney as one on her inspirations


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